Experience a true taste of asia and get away from the busy tourist trails, and the claustrophobic confines of an overcrowded tour bus and see, feel, taste and LIVE the REAL Vietnam from the seat of motorbike.

If it's ADVENTURE you're seeking, Vietnam Motorbike Tours have the experience and local knowledge to exceed your highest expectations. We can provide you with a truly unique motorbike tour, that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours, has been running motorbike tours through Vietnam for 6 years. We have constantly evolved to meet the needs of our customers and have identified the key elements to provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours, elephant on road while on a motorbike tour in vietnamVietnam Motorbike Tours, view accross a valley to hills while on a motorbike tour in vietnam

The aim of Vietnam Motorbike Tours, has always been to take the hassle out of organizing and participating in a motorbike tour in this fantastic part of asia. This means you can relax and enjoy riding in Vietnam to the fullest, whether it's a group of two or twenty riders, we've got it covered.

Our bikes are the best of any tour company in Vietnam. All are late model , electric start, four stroke , 5speed manual gearbox, and are comfortable for bigger riders and pillion passengers. All Vietnam Motorbike Tours bikes have low seat heights for the vertically challenged, saddle bags and gear racks are also provided. All our motorcycles are meticulously serviced and maintained.

Cambodian Motorbike Tours goal is to provide you with adventure, wonderful memories and the motorbike tour of a lifetime.

To do this Cambodia Motorbike Tours offers a number of structured tours to fit a variety of travel schedules, as well as custom motorbike tours that you can tailor to you exact specifications and desires (including both on and off-road riding). We look forward to working with you.

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The Kingdom of Cambodia is an exotic, mystical, enchanting land and is one of the jewel's of asia. Cambodia is Renowned for it's spectacular Angkor temples, but there is so much more to experience in this friendly country..remote villages and hill tribes, beautiful beaches, lush green jungle, friendly people and amazing foods.

Cambodia Motorbike Tours, delicious crab dish while on a motorbike tour in cambodiaCambodia Motorbike Tours, view accross a river while on a motorbike tour in cambodia

Travelling through the countryside on a motorbike, away from the busy tourist areas is where the real journey begins, and is truly the best way to explore this beautiful part of asia. While exploring and discovering remote villages be prepared to become the centre of attention. For many local Khmers this may well be there first time they have met a westerner, but be assured Cambodians are some of the most beautiful and friendly people you are ever likely to meet.